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Gwangju 2019 is committed to ensuring that every venue for the 2019 World will far exceed the expected standards

Main Aquatics Centre -Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, and Water Polo

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The Main Aquatics Centre will be home to all diving, Swimming, Diving,  Synchronised Swimming, and Water Polo events – This new stadium, currently being built for the 2015 FISU Universiade, will be built especially with Aquatics in mind and tailored to all every possible need of athletes, officials and VIPs.

As a home to the 2015 Universiade aquatics events, the Main Aquatics Centre will already have all the-state-of-the-art aquatics focused on technology on hand. Of course, an exciting redevelopment project with enhanced and updated aquatics technology will be completed in 2018, in time for the 2019 World Championships, ensuring that Gwangju 2019 will be an event like never before.

This venue will be the heart of the World Championships, providing the perfect backdrop for the Aquatics Festival where fans and partners can gather to enjoy the festivals.

 Aquatics Centre :  Aquatics Centre will be the venue for Swimming and Diving competitions.  There will be a swimming pool, a diving pool, a training pool and a warm-up pool in the venue. Aquatics Centre will be built for the Gwangju Summer Universiade 2015, and will be revamped and utilized for FINA World Championships 2019. 11,410 temporary seats will be constructed for the event, in addition to existing seats of 3,590. 

Swimming pool – consists of 10 lanes with a dimension of 50 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 3 meters deep.

Diving pool – dimension of the pool will be 33 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 5 meters deep.

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Main Aquatics Centre – Outdoor Venues

Synchronised Swimming Venue : an outdoor temporary venue situated between International Broadcast Centre and the Water Polo Venue. It will be constructed in a year leading up to the event. The dimension of the pool is planned to be 50meter long, 21meter wide, and 3 meter deep. 

Water Polo Venue : an outdoor temporary venue situated at the center of Main Aquatics Centre. The venue is surrounded by the Aquatics Road, which allows spectators to watch Water Polo competitions while walking from and to other venues. It consists of two pools: one is for the  competitions and the other is for training and warm-up. The dimension of the pools is 40 meters long, 26 meters wide, and 2 meters deep for the competition pool; 35 meters long, 20 meters wide, and 2 meters deep for the training pool.

These venues will be built with stands of 5,000 seats, auxiliary facilities, media operation facilities, and tailored rooms for athletes and officials.

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Open Water Venue

Naju Lake will be the venue for the Open Water events. Located just a 30 minute away from the Main Aquatics Centre by car. Naju lake has the waterpark, resort and golf course,  which creates a beautiful setting for competition and for spectators to enjoy.

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Accommodation (to be completed)

Accommodations available in Gwangju offer something for everyone in the FINA family, whether an athlete, media, FINA family, official or aquatics fan, Gwangju 2019 provides the very best in accommodation.

With no shortage of quality accommodation options, everyone visiting Gwangju will be welcomed with the utmost efficiency and professionalism

FINA Hotel – 5* Holiday Inn Gwangju

The main hotel will be the 5* Holiday Inn Gwangju, where FINA officials and FINA Bureau and Commission members will be accommodated in style. Centrally located, the 5* Holiday Inn Gwangju is just minutes from all venues – 10 mins from the main Aquatics Venue, 6 mins from the Water Polo Venue and 20 mins from the Open Water venue.

It offers superb meeting spaces, including six grand ballrooms accommodating 300-400 people, several meeting rooms and parking spaces accommodating up to 1,750 cars

FINA Hotel – 5* Ramada Plaza Gwangju

With thoughtful services and top rated amenities as well as residence suites, the 5* Ramada Plaza Gwangju will serve as the official FINA Guest and FINA Sponsors hotel.

Offering a central location, the 5* Ramada Plaza Gwangju is conveniently located to all venue sites – 9 mins to the Main Aquatics Centre, 7 mins to the Water Polo venue and 20 mins to the Open Water venue

Athlete’s village

Apartment buildings in downtown Gwangju will be reconstructed into an environmentally-friendly and efficient Athletes’ Village for the 2015 Universiades. New apartments within this vicinity will be the stage where competitors and team officials will call home for the duration of the World Championships, making it a place for international cultural exchange.

The village will be easily accessible to all venue sites, 14 mins to the Main Aquatics Centre, 5 mins to the Water Polo venue and 29 mins to the Open Water venue.

Training Venues (to be completed)

Gwangju 2019 will provide athletes with dedicated training venues in addition to the competition and warm-up venues, each located in different points of the city for easy and convenient access for athletes.

All venues are existing, well-established, multi-sports clubs with all the necessary facilities already in place


The Main Press Center (MPC) will be located at Nambu University, covering an area of 4,212 square meters, which is easily accessible from the main hotel, main venues, and the athlete’s accommodation and will offer a convenient and comfortable opportunity to cover the Championships


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The International Broadcasting Center (IBC) will be set up in Nambu University, covering an area of 2,000 square meters. IBC will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities suitable for producing SD and HD compatible international broadcasting signals, which will enable the best level of broadcast of the Championships to audiences around the world. Once Gwangju is selected as the host city, Gwangju will immediately start cooperating with international experts to determine the most efficient broadcasting system

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